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Establishing a business continuity and disaster recovery plan is an essential part of any long-term strategy for maintaining continuous business operations. Sound disaster recovery and business continuity planning should encompass three things:




Prevention is your first line of defense. But when undesirable events do occur, detection before they occur is critical, and correcting the system after they occur may dictate the survival of your business.

A disaster recovery plan is a subset of your business continuity plan, which accounts for maintaining all aspects of your business operating in the midst of disruptive events. Disaster recovery planning relates more specifically to the information technology systems that support your critical business functions. To effectively safeguard your business and ensure comprehensive continuity and disaster planning, it is vital to consider the potential impacts and understand the underlying risks associated with disasters such as hurricanes, fires and man-made malicious attacks on computer networks.

The economic success of a company is heavily contingent upon the sustainability and health of its IT systems.

A comprehensive data backup plan is essential to the health of your business. How much data do you have? Are you legally required to store data? For how long? How much data could your company afford to lose? Assess your needs and create a backup strategy that’s right for your organization. ClickHound has developed strong partnerships with industry leading companies that help provide cost efficient alternatives to our clients. 

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