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What is a vCTO?

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The vCTO is a Virtual Chief Technology Officer and deals specifically with the

client’s technology to deliver the following:

  • Tailored Consultations: Before improvement recommendations, the vCTO will go into your systems and analyze your current technology and business processes. This allows the vCTO to determine what your IT system needs to be able to provide now AND in the future to provide you with the best recommendation plan possible to follow.

  • Infrastructure Oversight: Every piece of technology that is part of your business should be taken into consideration. Whether it is a mobile device or a server. The vCTO considers all aspects of your infrastructure from beginning to end in all the ways your staff uses your IT. The vCTO will provide support to cover all users.

  • Long Term Preparation: Your vCTO looks beyond now to the future in a dynamic process taking into account your budget, projected plans, employee needs, consumer needs and your business plan goals. Then it takes all of those requirements to guarantee that your IT infrastructure can keep up with the constant changes your company will adapt to in order to meet the future you planned for.

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