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Microsoft Office 365

Ready to purchase office 365 licenses but don't know where to turn? Already purchased licenses but now aren't sure what do you do? How do you setup your domain, add users, assign licensing or make email work in Office 365?


We get these questions all the time and ClickHound is here to help! With our Office 365 account setup service, your Office 365 account will be up in no time.

ClickHound Office 365 account setup services are intended for businesses that don't need any data migrated and just need their Office 365 account and / or email setup and working.


With the Office 365 Account Setup Service we:

  • Provision your Office 365 Tenant Account

  • Add and authorize your vanity domain ( in Office 365

  • Add your users

  • Add any requested Shared Mailboxes or Distribution Groups (only for plans with Exchange Online)

  • Assign your users their appropriate license(s)

  • Support for users

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