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We offer a variety of services that can help your business integrate your systems to fully facilitate today’s most advanced technological innovations.

IT Consulting Services

Managed IT Services

Project Recovery

Network Upgrades

We bring structure to systems.

Our services bring structure to your business systems. So you can worry less about your technical infrastructure and more about your business. 

We specialize in Microsoft Office 365, Managed IT Services, and Disaster Recovery & Networking.


ClickHound understands that company downtime is also money that you aren't making. From a thorough infrastructure to the right project management, we understand how to provide your business with the right plan. Your IT needs are always on the top of our priority list. That is why we solve your IT problems fast and efficiently.


With a constantly growing cyber world, the web is full of threats and security breaches, with millions of them able to compromise your entire infrastructure and business. ClickHound takes a proactive approach to fight of even the most dangerous of cyber threats. Leaving you safe and secure in the cyber world and keeping your sensitive data from landing in the wrong hands. 


Your business needs to have the ability to be scalable, in order to keep up with constant market share changes and adapt to constant growth. Many small and medium business just don't have the capacity to manage this on their own missing out on one of your biggest potentials for growth. ClickHound offers the ability to upscale AND downscale your business needs are required. 

Is my business really at risk 
of a security breach or
a cyber-attack?

Small and mid-size businesses make up 50% of the businesses that experience a cyber attack. 

ClickHound provides IT Support to small businesses and professionals because we know how vulnerable your business is to a cyber attack.

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